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Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes

Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes

Laboratory dissolved oxygen electrodes for routine and research applications in biotechnology, medicine, industry and environmental studies.

The need to measure dissolved oxygen is widespread throughout industry and academia with analyses being made on many diverse sample types, from blood to boiler feed water. Applications continue to grow with developments in physiological studies, microbiology research and biotechnology fermentation processes.

The Dissolved Oxygen Electrode

Exploded View of Glass Electrode and Perspex Electrode

The Rank Brothers Oxygen Electrode is based on the Clark cell as first described by Leyland C. Clark. The Clark cell is also known as an Oxygen Membrane Polarographic Detector. The electrode has been designed to measure the uptake or production of oxygen by cell suspensions, subcellular particles or enzyme systems. However, the electrode can be used to determine the partial pressure of either gaseous or dissolved oxygen over the range 10-4 to > 1 atmosphere, making the electrode performance attractive for many applications.

The Oxygen Electrode as supplied comes in two main components:

The standard dissolved oxygen electrode can be supplied with either a Perspex or a glass incubation chamber and has a sample volume of approximately 1ml to 7ml. It should be noted that the bases for the two electrodes (Perspex electrode or glass electrode) are not interchangeable. Alternative incubation chambers from 1ml to 50ml are available, however, glass units are limited to standard precision bore glass tube sizes. Another option available is a flow through plunger with two holes drilled, instead of one, enabling the dissolved oxygen electrode to sample from a process or flowing system.

Technical Data

Each Rank Brothers Oxygen Electrode is supplied with a screened lead connected to a DIN plug, 50mm x 450mm of PTFE membrane, 1 stirring bar (flea) and 1 spare O ring.

50mm (w) x 100mm (d) x 50mm (h) approx.
100g approx.
Response Time:
100%-0% air saturation in less than 15 seconds.

Operating Manual

The manuals on this website are provided as PDF files, please see the Downloads page for links to reader software.

Oxygen Electrode Manual

Ordering Information

For a working oxygen electrode based measurement system it will be necessary to have an electrode and a controller (some controllers may also require a separate stirrer). Rank Brothers have a range of controllers suitable for use with the electrode.

Order codes and descriptions for a wide range of oxygen electrode spares are also available. Exploded views of the electrodes are provided to help identify the replacement parts needed.

Note: Plungers enable the electrode volume to be adjusted by approximately a 6:1 ratio.

Oxygen Electrodes

Order Code Description
OXY040A 7ml (standard) Perspex electrode
OXY041A 1ml Perspex electrode
OXY042A 2.5ml Perspex electrode
OXY043A 4ml Perspex electrode
OXY045A 30ml Perspex electrode
OXY046A 50ml Perspex electrode
OXY048A 100µl Perspex electrode
OXY050A 6ml (standard) glass electrode
OXY051A 2.5ml glass electrode
OXY052A 50ml glass electrode

Rank Brothers Ltd reserves the right to change specifications in the light of continuing development.

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