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Model 300 Magnetic Stirrer

Model 300 Magnetic Stirrer

The Model 300 Magnetic Stirrer is a motorless magnetic stirrer that operates by generating a rotating electromagnetic field in the stirring heads. The liquid to be stirred has a magnetised stirring bar placed in it. The bar and therefore the liquid, is rotated by the magnetic field produced in the heads.

Modern microprocessor electronics have been used to deliver higher performance whilst maintaining the price levels of previous models of magnetic stirrer.

The Model 300 provides great flexibility for use with different sizes and types of vessels; it is particularly suitable for small specialised sample holders frequently used in electrochemical and spectrometric applications.

The magnetic stirrer has several advantages over conventional motor driven stirrers:

Main Features

Technical Data

Stirrer Control

  • Power On/Off switch.
  • Speed increase button.
  • Speed decrease button.
  • Mode selector button - to select stirring mode.
  • Capture button - stops stirrer momentarily to allow stirring bar capture.
  • Four digit display of stirring speed.
  • Decimal point indicates stirring mode.
Supply Voltage:
  • User selectable 100/110V or 220/240V AC 50/60Hz.
  • 3 off 5 pin DIN sockets for stirring heads. Maximum drive capability 15V 8W protected by current limiting circuitry. Will control up to:
    • 3 off Type 1 Stirring Heads.
    • 2 off Type 2 Stirring Heads.
    • 12 off Type 3 Stirring Heads (requires multiple heads wired to each plug).
  • Plus various combinations up to specified output limit.
Stirring Speed:
  • 37 speeds between 100 and 1800rpm.
  • Display accuracy ±2%.
  • Speed stability better than 300PPM.
Dimensions of Stirrer Control Box:
  • 58mm (h) x 215mm (w) x 215mm (d).
  • 1.2kg (excluding stirring head and power lead).

Stirring Heads

Type One:
Designed for use with the Rank Brothers range of Oxygen Electrodes. The stirrer body is 38mm diameter stainless steel tube with an acrylic base 89mm diameter. The overall height is also 89mm and weighs 0.45kg. The unit is sealed and may be immersed in water baths with a temperature range of 10-50°C.
Type Two:
A stirring head for general laboratory use; suitable for beakers and flasks up to one litre. The head is 90mm in diameter, 68mm high and weighs 1.2kg.
Type Three:
A stirring head designed for use with 10ml cuvettes. The head is 12mm square and 7.5mm high and weighs 30g. Up to four heads may be wired to a single plug to enable twelve heads to be powered by a single stirrer control unit. Rank Brothers are able to modify most spectrophotometer cell holders to incorporate the stirring head without raising the cuvette to ensure no interference with the beam. Thermostatting of the cell may also be possible.

Operating Manual

The manuals on this website are provided as PDF files, please see the Downloads page for links to reader software.

Model 300 Electronic Stirrer Manual

Ordering Information

When ordering a Model 300 please specify the stirring heads and stirring bars appropriate to the application.

Order Code Description
MAG007B Stirrer Model 300 Control Box only
MAG101A Electronic stirring head Type 1
MAG102A Electronic stirring head Type 2
MAG103A Electronic stirring head Type 3
MAG122A Dual electronic stirring head Type 3
MAG135A Triple electronic stirring head Type 3
MAG140A Quad electronic stirring head Type 3
MAG300A Magnetic stirring bar for cuvette
MAG119A 1m stirrer extension lead
MAG132B 2m stirrer extension lead
MAG133A 5m stirrer extension lead
MAG134B 20m stirrer extension lead

Rank Brothers Ltd reserves the right to change specifications in the light of continuing development.

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