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Rotating Prism System

Rotating Prism System

The Rotating Prism System is an accessory for the Micro-Electrophoresis Apparatus, enabling faster and easier determination of particle speed. The system consists of a control unit, with a simple keyboard and display and a prism unit. The prism unit can be fitted to the Electrophoresis Apparatus simply by taking off the binocular head, putting the prism unit on in its place, then putting the binocular head onto the prism unit.

The prism gives everything viewed through the microscope an apparent motion. The prism is rotated so that the apparent motion is in the opposite direction to the actual motion of the particles. The speed of the prism is then adjusted so that the particles appear stationary. The display then gives a direct reading of particle speed (after the unit has been calibrated initially).

The advantages of the system when used with the Micro-Electrophoresis Apparatus are as follows:

The prism can be stopped and measurements taken on individual particles in the usual manner.

Operating Manual

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Rotating Prism System Manual

Ordering Information

The Rotating Prism can only be used in conjunction with our Micro-Electrophoresis Apparatus.

Order Code Description
ELE003A Rotating Prism System

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