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Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes
Rank Brothers supply a range of Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes suitable for both routine and research applications.
Oxygen Electrode Spares
A list of spare parts available for our range of dissolved oxygen electrodes.
Oxygen Electrode Exploded Views
Exploded views identifying each component of our electrodes for use when ordering replacement parts.
Oxygen Measurement Controllers
Rank Brothers has worked with leading scientists in many fields to develop and evolve a comprehensive range of equipment and accessories for oxygen measurement.
Model 300 Magnetic Stirrer
The Model 300 Magnetic Stirrer is a motorless stirrer operated by generating a rotating electromagnetic field in the stirring heads.
Agrochemical Emulsion Tester AET100
The AET100 is designed to test the stability of water-based agrochemical emulsions.
PDA3000 Particle and Flocculation Monitor
The PDA3000 is a simple, rugged, but very sensitive monitor for flowing suspensions and emulsions.
PDA2000 Photometric Dispersion Analyser
The PDA2000 is a simple, rugged, but very sensitive monitor for flowing suspensions and emulsions.
Micro-Electrophoresis Apparatus Mk II
The Micro-Electrophoresis Apparatus will determine the electrophoretic mobility of a wide range of suspended particles.
Rotating Prism System
The Rotating Prism System is an accessory for the Micro-Electrophoresis Apparatus, enabling much faster and easier determination of the particle speed.
Charge Analyser II
The Rank Brothers Charge Analyser II is a completely automatic polyelectrolytic titrator.
Photometer Cell
The Photometer Cell has been designed to enhance the Charge Analyser II by offering an alternative method of performing the polyelectrolytic titration.
Electrochemical Processor
The Rank Brothers Electrochemical Processor is comprised of a Potentiostat and a Galvanostat.
CNC Transfer
CNC Transfer is easy to use software for Windows that enables the download of programs from a CNC to a PC using a serial cable.
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